I dove into photography after my studies in Commercial Design and completed the Fotoacademie in 2016. In my work identity plays a major part. Why are we the way we are? What are we expecting from each other? Are memories and relationships a fact, or just subjectively existing in our heads. I often start with a gap or a hiccup in my past which triggers me. More and more I react intuitively and start making images. These images aren’t ready until they lived trough the same feelings as me and with me. I’ll use paint, ink, pencils and tear paper if necessary. 
Almost all of my images are unique, reliving of the experience together is in fact a one-time event.

Art vs Technology, Fotofestival Eindhoven, 2023, Eindhoven  
Wås übrig bleibt, 2022, Pictura Kunstlievend Genootschap, Groningen
Unreal Existence, solo-exhibition, 2022, Hedendaags Kunst kabinet, 's-Hertogenbosch
Rotterdam Art Week, 2021, Rotterdam
Buy my Darlings-the naked edition, 2021, Amsterdam
Buy my Darlings, 2020, Amsterdam
Other Photographic Matters @ Art Week Rotterdam, 2020, Rotterdam
Circle gallery @ Unseen, 2019, Amsterdam
Tobacco playground, 2019, Amsterdam
What the photo, 2019, Willem Twee, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Anima Mundi Festival- Consciousness, 2019, Venetie
Tussen lagen van Tijd, solo-exhibition, 2019, Philip Elchers, Groningen
Vast Zand Gaat Los, 2019, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Best of Class, 2018, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam
Project 40×40 Progress?, 2018, Galerie Tuur, Venlo
CU2030, 2018, billboards CS Utrecht
Vast Zand Gaat Los, 2018, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Sensus Tactilus, 2017, Kruithuis, ‘s Hertogenbosch
UNFRAMED, 2016, Amsterdam

Art Zine Papel

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