It all began when Adam refused to accept Lilith as his equal in Paradise. 
This disrupted the balance on Earth. 
This may be a Biblical tale, but you don't have to be religious to feel the daily effects of this imbalance. The world is too 'masculine,' with not enough focus on nature and Mother Earth. It's all about time and money. 
So Karlijn van Beurden and I felt the urge to tell about what Lilith means to us.. Lilith is essential to let Mother Nature regain control and restore balance to the world. In this book, we give form to Lilith to visualize her impact. Lilith is neither woman nor man. She restores balance. She's one with Mother Earth. Bold and courageous. Physical and free. Lilith doesn't seek attention but is everywhere, yet elusive. But above all: powerful. 
To capture all these characteristics in our visual language, we didn't limit ourselves to one type of camera use. We've used analog, digital, polaroid, and smartphones to bring Lilith's world to life. The hand-printed linocut is based on Dagaz: the penultimate rune from the ancient Futhark. Dagaz, also known as Daeg, represents light in the darkness, allowing one to see their surroundings.
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